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Need help with PC3200 XMS v 1.1


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I recently got Abit NF7-S and 2500+ as my system upgrades. Right now I'm trying to overclock but I think my ram is the limiting factor. (The guy I got the CPU from got it up to 10.5*240 with different ram). I have 2 sticks of Corsair PC3200 256MB XMS rev 1.1. Right now 2500+ is running @ 11*211. 1.8V Vcore, 2.8V Vdimm, Vdd is at 1.7V. I'm using 5/5 divider and ram timing is 11-3-2-2 (can use 11-2-2-2 as well). I can't seem to get the FSB up to 220. I've tried running at 10-3-3-2 ram timing (5/5), and 5/4 at 11-3-2-2. The system boots up in Window no problem but seems to lock up in Windows. At 213 the computer would run fine for a few hours then locks up. I have tried using Vcore of 1.85V. Is there any way I can push it higher? Please help. Thanx!
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