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Compatability issues w/ CMX512-3200C2 & CMX512-3200LL in Soyo KT400


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I was running 1 stick of CMX512-3200C2 with the most agressive timmings (2-2-2-5) with no problems on a Soyo KT400 (Black edition) in Dimm slot #1. This module passed all memtest tests with no errors. I have since added a second stick of CMX512-3200LL in Dimm slot #3 and am having stability problems at all except the slowest timmings. If I run the 3200LL module by itself or in combination with the 3200C2 module I get the same memtest errors around test #7. Does the Kt400 have problems with the low latency version, but not the C2 version? Do the two different modules have problems running with each other? Please let me know of any tricks, or if I should have the 3200LL module replaced. The settings below are the only ones that I can get the 3200LL module to complete memtest without error. AMD barton 2500+ Default speed KT400 Dragon Bios rev. KVX42AA7 CPU and FSB @ 166mhz DRAM CAS:2.5 Bank Interleve: Disabled Precharge to Active (Trp):3T Active to Precharge(Tras):7T Active to CMD(Tred):3T DRAM Burst length:4 DRAM Command Rate:2T Command DRAM Access Time:3T DRAM Queue Depth:4 Level DRAM Twte:3T Write Recovery Time:3T Any settings more agressive than this fail memtest #7. This memory should run faster than this right? Thanks for any help in advance.
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