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Corsair XMS DDR400 not recognizing 1.5 gig


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well i had two 512 sticks of DDR400 XMS memory in my system, the ones with the black heat spreader, but i just bought another stick to add to the two, which in theory would make it have 1.5 gigs. But for some reason when i boot with the memory installed, it recognizes it as 512 megs? My board is set up with 4 slots for memory (A1, A2, B1, B2) currently i have the A1, and the B1 slots taken up, since thats what the manual said to do if you just running 2 sticks...


well i have all 3 sticks in front of me, well the 2 sticks i had in there were revision 6.1 CL2.5, and revision 5.1 CL2 (ran 1gig fine) and this new stick is Revision 5.2 CL2... but the cl2 and the 2.5 work fine in there together, i bought them from the same place each time, guess they just keep changin the revisions on me


I also tried putting the CL2.5 in sloot A1 and followed with the 2 sticks of Cl2, because i was told to try that and clear the cmos just 2 see if it worked? any suggestions woudl be greatly appreciated


heres where i was before i found out about RamGuy




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well im runningan AMD athlon 3500 64bit socket 939 with im pretty sure 1600hypertransport (fsb)


heres a link to the newest stick of memory i got (the problematic one)



and heres the link to the memory i had before oth sticks were from these guys



the newegg stick was a gift, when i made an order (from a friend) cause i helped him out, i just got a new grfx card


would it be easier to just buy another stick of the newegg memory and make it 2 gigs and everthing will work fine?

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