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TwinX 3200C2PT CMX512 Gone bye bye


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Hi RAM Guy!


One stick in my matched set has bit the dust I beleive. I had been running BF2 and it had been crashing while loading maps almost 100% of the time. I tried everything that had to do with my video card drivers and mobo chipset (hell, I even thought it was my soundcard acting up). Man I was cursing EA. A friend told me to check my memory via Right Mark RAM test and it showed errors on every cycle. I checked all my bios settings and they were as they should be. I then loaded Memtest86 and it confirmed what the Right Mark test did, a bad stick (I tested the sticks seperately and together).


I bought the RAM set in 2003 from ZipZoomFly.com. I sent in a request and heres the rather lame reply I received:


Please be advised that due to volatility of the computer market, we have a we have a 30 day return policy. 15 days for CPU, Memory & hard drive


Odd customer service. it wouldnt cost them anything to RMA back to you as a service to their own customers. I'll stick with NewEgg.


Anyhow, thats my story. Please advise as to what I should do next.


Thanks :)



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