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no memory beep code won't post after change

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I purchased (new) a intel 945gtpnlr motherboard and 820 pentium d and 2x512Mb xms2 5400. After installing it booted fine and worked until i discovered the memory was being detected at 533 and not 667, I entered the bios an manuelly set the memory speed to 667 4-4-4-12. Now it won't post and i get a 3 beep (no memory) code. I have attemped to short the bios reset jumper to no avail. Whats up did I fry the mobo or the memory or both, and why would that damage anything they are both rated for that speed. I wouldn't consider that overclocking. HELP PLEASE!/ Also is corsair xms2 known to have a problem being detected at the right speeds in intel 945g motherboards. If I have them repalced i don't want the same issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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