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Need RMA

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OK, it's best i start a new thread for my prob.


I have a couple of sticks of VS512MB400 that seem to be bad. Last week or so I've gotten a dozen BSOD's. Running diagnostics, Memtest throws a ton of errors at stock 200. It's value select RAM with a lousy Newcastle chip, expectations were obviously low, and OC'ing out of the question. Neither stick will pass post by themselves. Tried all four slots, 1 at a time, neither will boot. Been using this RAM for 5 or 6 months, apparently without issue.


Assuming there may be bigger issues, and before wasting you're time, I yanked a couple of sticks of XMS4400 from my Prescott rig. Currently Memtesting on my A8V with latest BIOS upgrade, at 265 (DDR 530), without issue. At $400 bucks, the XMS RAM better be OC'able, and it is. No errors 2 hours in, so I have to figure the Value Select RAM has gone south, permanently.


Need the # from this post to get RMA attention.

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