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K55 RGB PRO Keyboard's lights are not properly working.

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Recently, probably within the last 24 hours, my K55 RGB PRO keyboard's lights have stopped working. Now, it's not entirely true to say they've stopped working, more that they hate me.
ICUE acts like nothing is wrong, and when I replugged in the keyboard, the lights were on as it tried to think and connect, then turned off when it connected.
I have held escape down as I plug it back in, and seen it all glow white (what I have set it to) for a fraction of a second, then went dark.

Is there some other method I'm missing or do I need to give up and pray. or start beating anything supernatural out of the keyboard.

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Try a forced firmware update of the KB. Go to CUE settings> Firmware and check for update for the K55 Pro. It will say up to date, but reveal the forced update option in the drop down menu. 

Forced FW update and ESC key reset are the only real user options. If neither works, you need to contact Corsair Support through the ticket system. 

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