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Hi,i have an custom build gaming pc,with asus hyperion case,amd 7800x3d cpu,msi ventus 3x oc 4090 gpu,and corsair iceu 150i elite lcd 360 aio watercooled,now my temperatures rarely go above 60°,now my question is can i add more fans,withput having to change anything in the bios?At the moment there are besides the aio 3 asus case fans in the front,and one in the back.I let this build by Alternate who did awesome job,but i just dont want to send my pc back and forth over 500km,thats why i ask this above.

Ty up front👍🏽






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Adding fans is something anyone can do.  However, where are you going to add them?  I am not sure I would take off the special LED panel on the side wall.  I don't see a clear place to add more.  Do you mean change some of the non-RGB fan to RGB fans?

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Yes,sorry i wasnt specific.Indeed i wanna exchange the front case fans by triple 120mm  corsair fans that match what i have now,the ones from asus do have no problems,but i think those will wear down fast,but your right,i took a good look,and i could maybe better just leave as it is now,cause it all works fantastic,ty for your reply


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That looks like an Elite Capellix AIO. If so there is a Commander Core fan and RGB controller in back with 3 free fan spots.  It would be as simple as running each fan’s PWM cable and RGB cable to the rear chamber. 

The harder part of the job might be taking off the front fascia of the case so you can access the fan screws. That’s something you’d need to find in the manual. 

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