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Can I use the 12VHPWR (‎CP-8920331) PSU Cable (type 4) with the old gen HX850i type 3 PSU (10 years old) - (I just need full confirmation)

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Hi all, 

I know it's a stupid question and I've read all the compatibility charts and seen that type 4 PCIe cables are the same as type 3 PCIe cables so this cable should work fine.

I just need confirmation for a sanity check before I potentially blow up my new 4080 Super lol.

Sorry and thanks in advance 🙂




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Hi Paul,

It's not a stupid question at all—better safe than sorry! Yes, Type 4 PCIe cables are indeed compatible with Type 3 connectors. The primary difference is that Type 4 cables come with inline capacitors to help with power delivery stability, but they are fully backward compatible with Type 3.

So, you can use your Type 4 PCIe cable with your new 4080 Super without any issues. Your sanity check is spot on!

Good luck with your setup, and enjoy your new GPU!



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