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iCue Nexus Discontinued?

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I just bought the K100 keyboard and I've had my eye on the iCue Nexus for a while too. 

I checked a few online stores and they no longer sell it, has it been discontinued?

If it has, are there any plans for a new, similar product?



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Not yet, but it certainly looks like it is headed that way.  It's been drastically reduced in price for a while.  I suspect production has stopped, so whatever is out there is all there is.  Still available at Corsair.com.  I was hoping we might see a Nexus II at Computex, but it doesn't seem like there is a new model imminent.    

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I am afraid I don't know the marketplace in Australia.  If you go to the "where to buy" link at the bottom of the home page for Corsair.com, it will generate a list of sellers by region.  Might also check Hong Kong.  Their dealers might ship out of country.  

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