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Recommendations for a C70

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Hello I have a Corsair C70 case and I wanted to know if you have any recommendations for a 2024 layout?

1. What fan size is it? How many can I put in here, I want lgb control & fan control.

2. What type of Corsair Liquid Cooler to get? I'm thinking its a 2 fan liquid cooler and the size isn't advertised as much. My goal is to tame a Intel CoreTM i9 14900k. Is a 2 fan liquid cooler enough?

3. What type of motherboard and power adapter would I need to properly cool a Intel CoreTM i9 14900k along with the whole icue system for the rgb?

4. How would I centralize and monitor the temperature in the case? Is the Corsair Commander Core XT enough or do I need to get an lcd monitor tray for it? The iCUE LINK LCD Screen Module looks nice for a monitor but hard to keep an eye on with the c70 size. (Recommendations for lcd fan monitors would be appreciated also.

Those are my main quesions for now. Thank you looking at my dilemma, my main goal is to use this case while monitoring and easily cooling a Intel CoreTM i9 14900k that will be used for graphics. The icue system for the lighting would be nice also, but mainly changing fan size to keep everything under control would be great.


Thanks and good luck on your pc builds!

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