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Commander Pro: Profile exported in iCUE 3.30.97 does not restore any FANs settings properly in iCUE v5.15.117


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Now I installed iCUE v5.15.117 and I got the following issues straight away:
- Commander hardware profile is **re-written **upon software installation to default without asking. All the fans start working with high RPM. Why does it happen?
- Ok, I imported my saved profile and I got nothing: No my custom **cooling presets** in the list. The only default Quite, Balanced, and Extreme are there.
- I turned Device memory mode OFF and my custom presets appear. But now they are not stored in a hardware memory as it was before. And i don't see a way of moving non-hardware presets to a hardware

So it seems this version iCUE v5.15.117 does not support my customized presets properly. It resets hardware profile and do not allow to write it from my profile.
I have 9 FANs connected and many programs were calibrated during a significant time. For me it is unwanted option to just customize all the programs from scratch again. I'd better install the old app, but one day it will stop working on some new OS anyway.

It's the second time I disappointed in corsair software. It is quite hard to trust it because of such issues. I assume one day I'll just lose the ability to use Commander pro at all because of incompatibility with some new iCUE version the same way as now it just does not support my custom profile.

The question is: How may i solve the issue without customizing a new cooling presets in the latest iCUE version? 


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1 hour ago, Smr413 said:

Commander hardware profile is **re-written **upon software installation to default without asking

That is the major update starting with CUE 5.14. The former “hardware mode” is now Device Manager Mode. It’s more than a visual update and creates a separate physical address for device settings. Your old profiles don’t contain this information nor did anyone else’s, even when updating from the prior release. 

When you turn on Device Memory Mode (DMM), you are putting the device into its hardware mode state — like it should operate when CUE is not running. As you likely remember, Commander Pro presets are non-functional. You need to re-create your preferred fan curve for when CUE is not running, then click the little SD card to save it to the controller. No more auto-save. You can’t move lighting or fan curves between software and hardware modes. That always has been true. 

Most of these changes were unavoidable and part of the major overhaul last month. However, if you skip 4 years of updates, you should not be surprised to see substantial changes. 

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@c-attack - I just checked my Commander Pro's... you had me worried. Both of mine have the same custom curves and temperature source that I use in "software" mode. I think the problem @Smr413 might have run into was "upgrading" from v3.30.97 directly to v5.15.117 and not going via v4.x.x (can't remember the exact version you needed to upgrade via) before upgrading to major version 5. All of my custom curves are available if I switch to "Device Memory Mode", and I've been a user since the old LINK days.

ICUE's configuration files are just stored as Extendable Markup Language (XML) files. Although this is supposed to be pretty much a universally sharable format, I bet ICUE v5.x is encountering an unexpected value (or even missing a value) when reading an exported profile created using ICUE 3.x and silently rejecting the import. 

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for reply.

Ok, now I have another issue with a new iCUE hardware profile:
Upon PC launch there was a short period of turning FANs at max speeds. It was about ~1 second and it was acceptable.
With iCUE 5.15 it is not short anymore: now it forces FAN speeds for about about 3-4 seconds😔, also that is not started immediately anymore, but in a ~3 seconds after a power button pressed. 
Since I have 9 FANs in the system, that is not what I want to hear each time turning on a PC because that is quite annoying.

Is there a way to change that like manually edit the parameter to make it work the same way as before from iCUE v3?
I don't see any improvement of iCUE for Commander Pro, only regressions like this for no reason.

May I report that issue somewhere else in the hope of improvement in future updates?

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Go into the Commander Pro device settings and look for fan header designation (Auto/3pin/4pin). Manually set all your fan headers to 4 pin(PWM). This will stop the controller from doing a 12v fan test at power on to check if the fan is a DC or PWM motor. You’ll also need to set up your DM mode custom curves as well, otherwise all the fans will run at 1500 rpm for any of those presets until Windows and CUE load.



2 hours ago, BlaiseP said:

just checked my Commander Pro's... you had me worried. Both of mine have the same custom curves and temperature source that I use in "software" mode

You may be right. I’ve had every controller in the ecosystem dangling out of the case for the past two months through half a dozen different versions trying to identify a lot of these new UI issues. I might have too many CUE Link issues in my mind spilling over to other controllers. 

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Thank you for your help, that works. I forgot that FAN port settings were reset as well and had no idea of such an effect. I panicked too much
Now it seems everything is fine. Temp marker on Custom curve graph is quite helpful
It was a painful update though.


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