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LX vs QX Fan

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Hello all,

I just saw that there are new types of fans, the LX 140 and 120 for ICue.

I have a box with 3 QX 140 at the front and 1 QX140 at the rear

As well as an ICue watercooling with 3 QX120 for the radiator.

What would be the difference between these two models ?

What more could these new models bring ?

Would it be relevant to replace with these LX ?


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Subtle differences.

QX = 34 LEDs + double side light strip

LX = 18 LEDs + single side strip


Rear vanes

QX = standard 4 axis + temp sensor

LX = Radial "air guide" - no temp sensor



QX = Medium rake 9 blade

LX = Slightly flatter 7 blade

This means the LX will have slightly better performance in restricted spaces, but also in theory will be slightly louder at equal speed compared to the QX.  As they say, no free lunch.  It's always a trade off.  However, this is going to be small difference any way you want to measure it and real life changes may be hard to notice.


If you already have QX fans, you definitely do not make the change.  The differences are too small and it would be hard to argue the LX is a visual upgrade.  You loose the temp sensor, which can have real value for case fan control.  While in theory it may move a couple of CFM more through the radiator, on a 360mm AIO that's not going to matter unless you are taxing your system with professional software all day long keeping the CPU at near maximum for hours.  


Where this becomes a more difficult choice is if you don't have either and are looking at one vs the other.  The LX deliberately undercuts the QX on price, but with QX being the older model you likely can find them at lower than list pricing making that a null argument.  If you were setting up a custom water cooling system with thick 45mm+ or high FPI density radiators, then the LX may be a better choice.  The counter argument is if you line up 3x360mm of radiator, it doesn't really matter what you run for fans anymore.  You can dissipate most of your heat in snooze mode.  Other than that, I'd say you can make the usual cost vs value kind of judgment.  

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Thank you very much for these clear and quick clarifications!

I'll stay like that then 😉

I might just take the pump head with the new one which has a fan, that looks interesting.

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Yes, stick with the QX, especially for your airflow fans.

Use the temp sensor on the exhaust QX fan in the rear as the control source for the airflow fan curves. You didn't mention if the radiator is configured as intake or exhaust ... if exhaust, this is very important for the overall performance of the loop - this will be the temperature of the air entering the radiator and, as such, will be the lowest temp for your coolant. If the air entering the radiator is warmer than the coolant, it won't cool the coolant. It'll warm it up.

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Switched out my QX for RX and noticed a subtle 2 to 3 deg temp difference. Fans are push at side of my Lian Li case so the fact that there are a few less led is fine. I’ll take that trade for the lower temps.

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