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All ICUE/LINK Build for 2024

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Just finished this, my first time trying to build with strictly one ecosystem, in this case Corsair's ICue/LINK, which I thought was mature enough now to give it a try. I mainly use Maya, so my principle concerns were speed and stability, no overclocking or tweaking needed once it was finished. There were definitely a couple of times when I wanted to pull my hair out and thought about giving it up entirely, but I'm glad I saw it through to the end because now I've got a nice-looking watercooled PC that I can throw just about anything at. Felt very strange indeed doing a build with absolutely no PWM at all!

Quick specs: i9-14900ks, Corsair Vengeance 7200 64gb, 4090 FE+Alphacool block, Corsair Hx1200i PSU, Corsair XC7 Elite, Corsair XD5 RGB Elite LCD, HYTE Y70 case (non-touch).

ICUE 2024.png

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