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Question about the Commander Core XT

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If 4-pin splitter cables are used for PWM fans, how many fans can each of the 6 PWM ports on the Commander Core XT reasonably supply power to? When it comes to PWM connectors on motherboards, I've never had any problems connecting 2 fans to one connector via splitter cable, and sometimes even 3 to 1. How many can the Commander handle per port(something along the lines of the AF Elite or RS Max series)?

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17 hours ago, pdegan2814 said:

How many can the Commander handle per port

Officially one.  Splitters are not the way to go anymore regardless.  Your much better off with a powered PWM hub that uses 1 PWM port from the Commander XT and then a separate power delivery to take the load off the controller.  They come in various fan counts and are a better match for the most the 3x3x3 kind of cases that make up most of the market.  Using a three way splitter on any of Corsair's Commanders is a bad idea.  

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