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K55 - Lighting effects stop when opening iCue


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Hi, I just recently updated to v5.14.93. Since then, upon opening iCue my K55 RGB pro keyboard goes dark. In iCue, I use a custom static color for my lighting effect. When I open the app, I can change any lighting setting (opacity, color), and the light will come back on, and work flawlessly. Everything else works fine - macros on the keyboard, and lighting and macros on my nightsword mouse.

I am running Windows 11, however I also use a macbook with iCue MacOS installed and the same Corsair keyboard and mouse - same issue on the macbook.

Any help is appreciated.


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After Windows loads, the KB goes dark, and you then you open CUE...  is the lighting effect that should be on K55 Pro there and displayed as active?  Or is it deleting the lighting effect each time?

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Ok. Does seem like a bug and something they’ll need to correct. A lot of the devices with older or more limited hardware save capabilities seem to have some issues with the revamp into Device Memory Mode. It appears to have a problem with the hardware mode to software mode handoff and there have been some other complaints about this in both directions (Software <-> DMM). 

I can’t think of a workaround for this, but you might delete the existing software lighting effect pattern and then re-add it.  A next step would be to export the profile, delete it, then re-import the saved profile, but this is all fishing and no guarantees it will do anything to resolve the issue. 

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