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two 512mb sticks don't work with one 1gb stick? help plz


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Ok first here are my computer specs:


Mother board: Asus K8n deluxe

cpu: AMD 3700+ 64bit

Video card: x800 pro AgpX8

Hard Drive: western digital 200GB

disc dive: plextor DVD burner


ram in question:

1gb(2X 512mb) twinx match memory pair latcey 2-2-2-5

2gb(2X 1Gb) twinx match memory pair latcey 3-3-3-8


Ok here is the story, Me and my friend split the cost on the 2Gb pair and we both got one a piece what im trying to get to work is the 2 sticks of 512Mb and one of the 1Gb sticks to get a total of 2Gb in the system out of the 3 sticks. When i turned it on i get nothing but a black screen and no post code is given. Is there a reason I can't mix 2 sticks of 512Mb with one stick of 1Gb? Any help would be welcome thank you.

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What is the exact part # / revision # of each stick?


Part of the reason they are having problems is because you're mixing a TwinX1024-3200XL pack (the timings tell me so) with either a CMX1024-3200 or a VS1GB400C3.


You MIGHT be able to get it to run @ 3-4-4-8, but I doubt it.

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This is also my question. I have the Corsair VS1GBKIT400 1GB Kit DDR400 PC3200 CAS2.5 Value Select Memory Retail (2x512MB), I would like to know if I can purchase a Corsair VS1GB400C3 1GB DDR400 PC3200 CAS3 Value Select Memory Retail and if they will be compatible.
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