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H100 (the version with no fans) - can you use it with an i7 7700K

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Hi folks. Just picked up an i7 7700K (to replace an i3 7100 as my old system needs some new life in it for a couple of years). 
It came with an H100 AIO cooler which was an attractive extra. 
What I didn’t realise/investigate further was that these AIO coolers usually use fans. This one doesn’t have any as it’s designed for a specific Corsair case as I understand it from the person I bought it from. 

has anyone out there used one if these without fans? 
Im hesitant to simply pass hot water back to a passive radiator (be different if the radiator was external maybe, but of course even at the top of the case this radiator will simply be getting hotter all the time under any load). 

looking at the various h100 product docs - to fit fans the other fan based h100’s have extra holes for mounting fans to them. 

has anyone managed to use one of these successfully without killing their processor early? (Or running too hot and the AIO tubing fails or such like?  

In the absence of any info I might just attach a standard 120mm CPU fan direct to the processor - but a water cooled cooler would be fab if there’s any experience out there if how well it works without fans …

Anyways - thought it worth asking the question just in case. Cheers.   


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What case was that designed for? The only possibility that I can think of would be the Corsair One ... and yeah, that's pretty much for that case and its unique airflow design.

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Yeah, that definitely is not familiar to me either. The pre-built Corsair One stuff is often another world with built in hardware and software/firmware alterations. Those hoses look short and passive radiator cooling is tricky on location. I can’t see that working in a normal case except top mount for length and its effectiveness might be compromised by any high output gpu. This may be more boondoggle than asset. 

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