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Need Help with Two Models of Memory

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These are the two model numbers, but on the listings for them on each website they are both listed as, "CORSAIR - VENGEANCE 32GB (2x16GB) 6000 MHz PC5-48000 C36". I have them both linked below with the model number of each.
CMH32GX5M2E6000C36W -- I will refer to this as E

CMH32GX5M2D6000C36W -- I will refer to this as D

And as you can see, there is just a one letter difference between the two. I currently have D installed on my computer and was bought from, but E is $20 cheaper from Best Buy. If I buy E, is there going to be any problems? Any way to change the timings since I think that's what I saw as the difference.

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E is $20 cheaper for a reason — it’s a lower tier production with notably lower primary timings. If you have D and it’s stable, stop there. It’s not worth $20 to see if the other will work. It probably does, but ultimately where this stuff matters is when you have any kind of cpu/motherboard issue and someone says “you memory is not on the approved QVL list so we can’t help you.”  

It’s also guaranteed those two kits are different ICs. 36-36-36 6000 is quite a bit better in relative comparison to 36-44-44 and it unlikely the E kit can run 36-36-36 without adding considerable voltage. Even then, it may not as specific ICs won’t do RCD/RP on the same level as tCL. 

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