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Commander Core stopped working?

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Hello, looking for a little bit of advice on the above issue. I've had my h115i installed in my pc for around 2 years and never had any issues with, it worked fine from the start. Over the past weekend I've had my pc on and running fine, turning it off to go out, powered down fine and unpluged the pc from the power outlet as I have always done. Once I returned home I have turned the pc back on, only for it to shut down within 5 mins with CPU over heated and 100C temps. Looking into this I've found the two 140mm fans pluged into the commander core and the AIO dont have any lights on and nothing is spinning when turned on, the 4 120mm fans plugged into my Commander Pro all working fine. ive since moved the 140mm fans all into the commander pro and replaced the AIO with a temporary different cooler.


I have always had the Commander Core connected into the USB header on the Commander pro with no issuse the Commander Pro is still showing up in icue and all fans and RGB connected is working however the Commander Core does not show at all and has no effects when plugged into any orther USB headers or SATA power cables. I'm pretty sure my problem is the Commader Core and I can get a replacment that will fix my issuses. however before i spend £40 for it to not fix anything I would like to know if there is anything else i could do or try 1st






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