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Corsair Vengeance DDR5, 6400Mhz problems

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Hello my dear community,

I put my PC together 2 days ago and have a big problem that I urgently need to fix.😢 Every time I start my PC, the computer boots up and then shuts down and boots up again automatically. This only happens when I put Corsair Vengeance RAM sticks in it. First I try to put a RAM stick in the A2 slot. It shows me POST CODE 11 and it shuts down automatically. The LED on the motherboard with DRAM lights up yellow.

If I put 2 RAM sticks in A2 and B2, POST CODE 11 comes up and shuts down. LED lights DRAM. The RAM stick is locked well and shows RGB patterns. If I don't put anything in it, POST CODE 20.

It stays active longer than with RAM and then shuts down again on its own. I do not know what I'm doing wrong. What is the problem? Is the speed to blame or is it something to do with the voltage? Can you look at my setup diagram and tell me what I did wrong there? All parts are brand new. I'll list the things I installed + the wiring diagram, which should give you a better overview:

CPU: Intel - i9 14900K, 36MB cache, LGA 1700

Motherboard: GIGABYTE - Aorus Master X, rev.1.0

GPU: Aorus Master - GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER, 12GB GDDR6X

RAM: CORSAIR - DDR5 64GB(2X32GB) 6400 MT/s, 32 - 40 - 40 - 84, 1.4V ver. 5.43.01, CMH64GX5M2B6400C32

Case: MSI - Sekira 500x

Power supply: CORSAIR - RM850e - 850 watts Water cooler: CORSAIR - H150 RGB AIO 

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,



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does the motherboard box say what bios version is installed?

the original bios is F3, but the 14900k is supported starting with F4.

From the manual memory initialization starts at post code 2B, but you don't even go there yet as you hang at code 11 which is CPU initialization.

i don't see anything wrong with the layout you have besides the GPU using a single pigtail cable instead of two discrete cables (but you're not there yet since it doesn't boot at all and it's a moderate overload of the cable at worst).

I would probably try to flash the bios to the latest version and see if the CPU kicks in (look in the manual for Q-flash, you can flash the bios without a working CPU on this motherboard).

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