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CPU temperature is not showing anymore.

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I am using icue with a corsair icue h150i elite capellix lcd for over a year and so far everything was fine. I have set up the display so it would show the cpu temperature (cpu package) and the temperature of the liquid.

Today I started my computer and realized that the cpu temperature shows 0°C.

Also the sensor for the cpu temperature is gone in the dashboard.  If I try to add it again in the 'add home sensors dialog' the cpu temperature is not available, anymore.

Any ideas?

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2 hours ago, TNE82 said:

Today I started my computer and realized that the cpu temperature shows 0°C.

Two things you can try:

1) Power reset - shutdown the PC and flip the PSU off. Hold the power button down for 10-15 seconds to drain any residual  power. Now flip the PSU back on and start normally. This causes the lcd top and Com Core to do a deep check. 

2) Run a repair installation of CUE. Windows Settings > Apps > Corsair iCUE. Click the dot drop down menu and choose modify. Follow the prompts for the repair install. This will not erase profiles and settings. This helpful for cleaning up weird issues. 

On the surface this reads like a software issue, but we’ve seen this before and the power reset clears it. It’s also strange this affects cpu temp only. All the motherboard derived data comes from the CPUID sub-program. If that was the issue, I would expect multiple missing data options. 

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13 hours ago, zackarous said:

When it stops reading it leads to overheating issues.

*I saw your other post. 

So H170i and Commander Core controller. Make sure you are using “H170i Temp” as the control variable for any custom curve. That is the native sensor value for the controller and coolant temp is the proper control variable for any water system. 

When it goes off line, does CUE freeze up entirely?  Or is it just not processing data from MB derived sources like CPU temp, RAM, and GPU?

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Yeah i have h170i has my temp for the rad. I use fans and gpu temps for some of the others so i am pulling in more fresh air depending on whats getting hot. I wanted to cut down on as much fan noise as possible.

From what i am reading this is a asus/icue issue, but not one i have had until recently. I did run into a similar issue with the older h150 non link but i had just assumed the pump was going bad on it.


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