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4 of 8 LED working; Fan 4 & 5 detected as 4 and share 4 LED spaces each; Fan 6 detected as Fan 5 and only 4 LEDs working

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Hi there,

I got 6 Corsair SP120 RGB ELITE fans and the Lightning Node Pro. The first 3 fans work perfectly. However, fan 4, 5 and 6 only have 4 of their 8 LEDs working. What is more concerning is that on the ICUE software, Fans 4 & 5 both share the profile of Fan 4, each using 4 LEDs and the same for Fan 6 using the profile of Fan 5's first 4 LEDs.


So far I have:

- uninstalled and reinstalled ICUE.

- unplugged and replugged everything.

- scoured the forums for similar issues.


Please help 😅

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