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AF120 RGB connected to Commander Core XT turning of RGB after a while

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Hi there,

I have a weird issue I'm trying to troubleshoot with AF120 RGB fans connected to a Commander Core XT.
Basically after a while the RGB on them is turning off.
Booting up from cold, everything is working fine.
All RGBs are on and running.
Even when i'm in the Windows Login screen, all seem to be ok.
Once I login, at some point later the RGB on these AF120 turn off completely.

Fan control is still working though.
At first I though there was a HW issue, but seeing they seem to work up until to a certain point reaching in Windows, it looks more like a software issue.

When I change the Murals in iCUE to a static color, like the Corsair Yellow/Blue, they show the correct RGB for 1-2 sec, then turn off again.
For some Murals, like Rainbow or Interstellar it stays on for longer, but you see a blip after a few sec turning RGB off then on again.
I'm not sure what could be the issue here.
Tried disabling plugins, re-install iCUE several times, all no luck.

A little bit to the system config in use:

ROG Crosshair X670E Hero + H150i Elite LCD XT
Ryzen 9 7950X3D
64 GB Vengeance RGB
4070 RTX
T700 2+4 TB

Connection wise I have
Commander Core XT, Lightning Node Pro

Any help is much appreciated.


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17 minutes ago, derchriseu said:

Even when i'm in the Windows Login screen, all seem to be ok.
Once I login, at some point later the RGB on these AF120 turn off completely.

To confirm, the fans light up during boot which means you must have some lighting effect set in Hardware Lighting.  It is important to distinguish between the fans turning off the LEDs and a CUE or device crash to HW Mode.  


Can you try using standard software lighting in your profiles and leaving Murals off for a while?  It would be good to distinguish between some type of Murals issue (which has a clear temporary solution) vs every other kind of problem.   


Start a Support Ticket with Corsair now while we continue to work on this.  Lighting just shutting off for no particular reason usually has a hardware element to it.  No reason not to advance things with Corsair directly if you are going to need a new Commander Core.  


In that regard, is there a difference in behavior between the fans on the Commander Core for the AIO and whatever is connected to the Lighting Node Pro?

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So I have a total of 9x fans.
3 connected to the H150i, and 6x to the Commander Core XT.

The 3x connected to the H150i seem to be not affected by this, and so are the RGB on the memory.
So looking at that it seems the issue is only with what is connected to the Commander Core XT.

If I turn off the Murals in iCUE, it goes into HW lightning.
And has the same effect when I change to a non solid color Mural.
That is, it stays on for a few sec, resets and is back on.

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Ok, so Commander Core for the AIO 3 fans and then 6 fans on a Commander XT. Is there a Lighting Node Pro?  If this is limited to the Com XT only, it doesn’t really matter. 

When you turn off murals it will drop into your software lighting assigned in the currently active CUE profile. That may be the same as whatever you set for Hardware Lighting. If so, change one or the other to a different effect to help distinguish what’s going on with the device. 

Typically when you have 5v supply issues or flaky LEDs, you get partial lighting or strobing on the device. These are more common symptoms. Full lights out is not. So that could be a problem with the part of the controller receiving the 5v supply from the SATA or it could Murals acting up. The later is more common, especially if you are using some type of reactive effect like video lighting. If you put the Com XT fans into Rainbow wave in either software Lighting Effects or Hardware Lighting Effects and it shuts off, this seems like a hardware issue. The hardware lighting tab will preview the selected effect, so that is another way to confirm it happens regardless of lighting mode. 

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Final test is to deliberately quit CUE on the desktop and then play a game or do whatever. If this is a hardware issue, it won’t matter if the effect is running from the controller memory or CUE — it will turn off. If it stays lit throughout, then does suggest damage me strange software problem. 

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Closing iCUE shows the HW lightning on the Commander Core connected fans just a few sec, then turns off.
But as mentioned, reseting the system, it stays on, even when on the login screen in Windows.
Only after login, it does it.
Which makes me believe there is some kind of driver/app issue here.

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Once you quit CUE, it’s running RGB from the Commander XT directly. I think you need to follow up with Support with an eye toward replacement. 

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I think my PC is cursed.
Did some maintenance (added a Fibre HBA, removed a NVMe), and now suddenyl all RGB is working.

I'm scared to power it off again as I will be going to a private LAN tomorrow, and then it suddenly does not work anymore.


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