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Abit AN7 post error code msg: AF

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Hi. I have a bad module of Corsair XMS PC3200 ram. My computer all of a sudden froze on me while gaming. I tried to reboot and I noticed that on my Abit AN7 mobo, the post codes appear to be "AF". I tried to look on the Abit forums already about the code and found out that it involved memory problems; therefore, I swapped both of my Corsair memory out to test each one, fortunatly, one of them was bad. Previously there were no configuration changes and no DRAM timing changes that I made. Could I please request an RMA to replace this bad module? Thanks, your reply is greatly appreciated.


Aldridge Watts II


Mobo: Abit AN7

Vid Card: ATI AIW 9800 Pro

Sound Card: Audigy 2

Memory: 1GB (2x512) XMS PC3200

Power Supply: Thermaltake Butterfly 480W (no active PFC)

HDD: Western Digital 80Gb E-IDE

Optical Drives: Samsung DVD-ROM 16x

Plextor 716a DVD-R/RW

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