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Twinx1024-4000PT wont work at default speed?


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Hi Ramguy, I recently bought this memory but I had been using it at 400MHz. I then decided I wanted to take advantaged of the memory bandwidth this memory had to offer. So I reduced the CPU mult. from 11 to 9 and upped the fsb to 250. So the CPU is only overclocked 50MHz, but the ram is now running at 500MHz @ 3-4-4-8 and 1.75 volts. Games crash frequently now and I have isolated the problem to ram through tests like memtest86 and prime95. Obviously the ram doesn't work at stock speeds on AMD systems? Is there anything I can do?


For a solution I will eventually return the ram to newegg and will replace it for XMS Twinx1024-4400C25PT sticks, but will I run into the same problems with this ram as well.


Also an important note, my motherboard will only give 2.8volts to the ram in the bios max. Even when I set it in the bios at lets say 2.8volts, when the PC boots it displays the dimms as only recieving 2.75 and sometimes even a whole .1 volt less than what I specify it to be.

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