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TwinX XMS 4000Pro


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I believe that one of the sticks of my TwinX set has gone bad. I've done some simple testing by removing them one at a time and with the bad stick in, XP will not boot or reboots after login.


Any info would be appreciated on getting the RMA process started. My only question would be, do I send in both sticks or just the one?


Part Number



Version number



Lot Number



XMS4000 512MB 500MHz 3448



Abit IC7

Intel 3.0 GHz

ASUS 9800xt

Western Digital 120GB 8MB buffer

Segate 120GB 8MB buffer

Antec 550w

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All settings are out of the box defaults for the Abit IC7, no changes have been made to cpu or memory settings. I'm not one to mess with the defaults, as it's more important for me to have a stable sytem.


I tried the stick in an ASUS P4C800E (all defaults) and it has the same problem as well, won't boot at all or reboots the instant Windows is loaded. If I take the stick in question out, all is fine and Windows is happy.

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