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HS55 Wireless - Sidetone(mic monitoring) too quiet, have to put mic in mouth to hear myself.


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Just bought a HS55 wireless to replace my busted VOID RGBs. The Voids were awesome but I really like the sound of the new HS55's. 

Unfortunately, the sidetone (mic monitoring) function doesn't seem to work. I really like hearing myself when gaming or just chatting. The voids were perfect in that aspect but with HS55s I literally have to shove the mic into my mouth in order to hear myself. 

I'm using ICUE 5.xx and feel I have exhausted every setting in ICUE - I am an advanced computer user and have even gone so far to go into my %appdata% ICUE profile and mess with the settings their with nothing to show for it.

Using the windows listening settings are a joke, I have even used voicemeeter to try and monitor my voice but its  still delayed and not as useful as sidetone.

If anybody has any clue as to a trick or a setting that maybe I'm missing? Should I try using different software? Maybe ICUE4.xx?

Any help is appreciated.

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So after further investigation I realized the HS 80s are having the exact same issue. Since the issues are over a year old with no resolution or feedback from corsair, I have no choice but to take this headset back and get a different brand.

Really sucks because I like the sound quality and build but without the advertised function i need not working what's the point. 

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