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Corsair LINK SYSTEM not support game SDK! Metro Exodus, Blair witch.


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After some Experience with Corsair ICUE system, few weeks ago I decide to bulid new computer with all fans in Corsair Link system. 5x QX120 fans + AIO CORSAIR link h150i LCD. Everythink works excellent to yesterday, when I wanted check effects in game supported CORSAIR ICUE. And I Installed 'Blair witch' then 'Metro exodus' and this what I observed. All my peripheral corsair device, mouse, mouse pad, k70 keyboard, ram memory, headphones and ASUS grapkics card with mainboard works with GAME SDK in both game, but all LINK system etc qx120 fans and water pump not work with game. Was completly off. I check everything in settings and fans was turn on IN SDK menu (ICUE Link system hub). Everythink should been fine with this. All firmwares in in new version. 

Corsair fix this please! I build clearly system with corsair light effects and game not support your new LINK system.

And one more thinks! This is one best lighting system with big potential. You should help improve this system to many new games. Marketing, better support, more customer's and more $$$ to earn. Don't ******** up this corsair.



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