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twinx4000 at ddr 500 mhz on a8n-sli


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excerpt from article at anandtech concerning mobo support for amd64 (x2) rev E processors:

"Adding the new processor gave the additional options of 433, 466, and 500 to the available memory ratios. This has to be coded in the BIOS to be available, but the new asynchronous ratios are a feature of the Revision E Memory Controller."


i just got the a8n-sli (mem speed selectable up to 600 mhz) and i figure now's the chance to run my modules at their intended speed at ddr 500 mhz.

Trcd/Trp/Tcl/Tras values i know but there's more;

what are the values for Trc/Trfc/Trwt/Twr(auto)/1T-2T setting

(as fare as I know ddr voltage can't be adjusted manually)



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