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defect 256mb module


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Hi Guys.


Thought I will never had to face this problem with Corsair, however it happened to me :[pouts:


:eek: I have a defect module CMX256A-2700C2. my PC stop to run once & I got crazy when I finally discovered that one memory module was guilty ( the other one is still working great).


My motherboard is not concerned, each channel is still fully functionnal.


Now I want to send this broken module for warranty replacement & I wonder if I should send the good one with.

If I understood the warranty policy, I have to get a valid identification before returning module(s), Is that right :confused:


At the moment I've borrowed 1gb twin module from a friend & it's working great.


Ok, thanks in advance for your fast reply and help.




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Good afternoon.


You write you answer within a few days....

What do think about a few monthes without any reply ?


OK I asked one more time for a number to send you back my defect module.


Thanks in advance for your fast processing....




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