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My TwinX Stick is bad

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I'm needing to see about RMA'ing my TwinX ram. After recieving a Fatal system error and not being able to discover the cause i took the system into a local computer tech to have the system checked out. They decovered that one of my sticks of TwinX CMX512RE-3200LLPT ram had gone bad the system is running fine on the single stick atm but will not run with the second stick in any configureation. I'm running a AMD 64 FX 51 on an asus SK8V montherboard.


Also i was wondering if there would be any problums running a set of 1gig twinx (2gigs more) along with the 1gig set once the set is replaced. Just looking to do a memory upgrade in the near future not currently runing anything along with the one set of TwinX at this time.

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