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Does the H100X Have ICUE Support?


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So I'm upgrading my pc, and I decided to buy an AIO to go with my Vengence ICUE RAM. I also bought some ICUE fans, a pack of 3 with a lighting node core and then a single for exhaust. So I have 4 ICUE fans, and an AIO with 2 identical fans on it. The lighting node core has 6 slots for 6 fans. If I plug the AIO header into my motherboard can I still use ICUE on it. Corsair mentions on Amazon that it works with ICUE, that being the main reason why I bought it so I can set the lights to a blue and pink to go with my setup.

Does the H100X RGB ELITE have ICUE support? 


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It only interacts with CUE if you connect the pump/fan lighting to a Commander XT.  That is a separate RGB/PWM controller.  The design intent was to pass RGB control over to your motherboard 5v digital RGB header.  


Since you have a case full of RGB fans, the Commander XT might have some value to you if you want to put fan speed control under CUE and get off the motherboard/BIOS fan control.  It would replace the Lighting Node Core you likely are using right now.  

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