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Adding more 3 pin lighting strips in ICUE, and even some more fans


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Did a 7000x build with aio 170i 420, with both comander core and xt.  11 fans total 3 with aio , and rest case fans.  Even using 6 3 pin light strips.

With both USB 2 headers on mainboard used with y splitters to the AIO, and commanders, and even Corsair 1000RM with sensor, i have no more usb

to add lighting node pro, or another commader pro to the chain of USB,  Is their a way to add more channels of strips and more rgb fans?  adding

another pigtail to the USB 2 header? or another Y adapter to get USB to another controller?  Can a y splitter come off another Y splitter? or a USB 3

to 2 conversion?

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You could use a usb 3->2 conversion cable, but at this point you likely want a powered usb 2 hub vs more non-powered splitters. Connection stability can be troublesome with the splitters and it’s also motherboard dependent. Corsair makes one now and people have been using the NZXT one for years. Brand does not matter, but it needs to have a SATA cable for power. 

The Lighting Node Pro and Commander Pro both will give you 2 more rgb channels for strips, other rgb devices with adapters, or more Corsair fans if you have a rgb lighting hub to supply more 5v power. 

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2 hours ago, dmann3042000 said:

I heard the commander pro has 2 powered USB ports that will pick up the slack from using splitters.

These are conditional and it will depend on both the motherboard and the device you want to connect.  For AMD x570/470/B550 boards this is a no go.  Can also be difficult on the Intel Z690.  The first gen PCI 4.0 boards had a lot of issues with this.  The RM1000 likely will work unless you have one the above boards.  Still might work anyway and the PSUs seem to be easy for connections.  However, almost all motherboards won't be able to handle the Commander Core or XT passed through the Commander Pro.  Those USB ports are passive and they don't get the same voltage boost as using a dedicated powered USB splitter.  Don't get a Commander Pro for the USB passthroughs and I really only recommend it for older users with a lot of backup RGB lighting hubs or custom water cooling.  

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