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Corsair Xeneon Flex 45 Resolution Question

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Hi there, I am a future buyer, hopefully soon to be owner of the Xeneon Flex 45 inch. I had a technical question.
I currently have a complex OBS Layout setup, and its very pixel accurate. It currently has a game display of 3840x1620, which is a 21:9 resolution. However, its not the same variant of 21:9(IIRC it is 2:37:1) While The Xeneon Flex is 3440x1440(IIRC 2:35:1). There is another resolution supported on my current display, which is 3440x1450, which is the same scope as my 3840x1620.
It would be really preferable to just use 1450 on the Xeneon Flex, insted of making mass adjustments to my layout, but I also understand that displays can be extremely picky about supported resolutions. 
So to summarize, my question for current owners, and or corsair employees, is "Is 3440x1450 a supported resolution on the Xeneon Flex 45 inch, whether by default, or by custom resolution in nvidia control panel, or amd's alternative)? And if so, does it have any draw backs(fuzzy text from scaling, etc.)? and perhaps a follow up question on second thought "If there are draw backs, would the equivalent 3416x1440 be supported?"
Thank you for your time 🙂


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Follow up question
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I can't seem to delete this post, but for posterity sake, in case anyone eve finds themselves asking a similar question.
NO 3440x1450 is not supported as a custom resolution(doesn't fit screen and is fuzzy)
YES 3416x1440 is supported as a custom resolution

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