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iCUE 5.8.130/Elgato Streamdeck plugin minor bug

Citizen Crazed

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Hi all,

About the most inconsequential of issues this, but seeing as everything's running generally so smoothly nowadays:

After the recent updates to iCUE (5.8.130) and the Stream Deck (app, iCUE plugin 1.5.220) , (AX860i) PSU efficiency is incorrectly displaying as watts/W rather than percent:


 I think it's the Stream Deck plugin at fault, but given I'm guessing there's a lot of interchange between the dev teams, hope the messge will get through if I post it here.

Great work btw since the iCUE 5 re-architecture and launch. And that's genuine. I was one of the voices that chimed in here with some constructive criticism about product quality and customer service a while back, but the positive evolution in the interim has been noticeable - so credit where it's due­čÖé

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Mentioning @Technobeard so Corsair staff see this.

I just checked this on my machines (each have a Stream Deck); one with an AX1600i and the other with an AX1200i. Both show efficiency sensor in Watts rather than a percentage as @Citizen Crazed reported. The efficiency value displayed for the Stream Deck sensor "Efficiency" is correct, simply just using an incorrect unit (W vs. %). This behaviour continues through multiple restarts of the Stream Deck application and/or Windows.

  • Windows Edition: Windows 11 Pro
    Version: 23H2
    OS build: 22631.2506
    Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22677.1000.0
  • iCUE: v5.8.130
  • Elgato Stream Deck: v6.4.1.19697
  • iCUE plugin: v1.5.220 (released Nov 10 2023)
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Thanks Blaise - echoes my experience exactly.

Obviously slightly famous last words about everything running so smooth lately as I've just noticed a couple of other issues. Will start separate threads givent that I think this one is fairly and squarely an issue in the Stream Deck plugin - while the other two are iCUE.

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