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Presario crashes! Corsair the suspect?


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excuse me for the news headline-like title :D: it catches attention...


i have a compaq presario 2103US (hp doesnt make these anymore)

with 256 MB ram installed (shared memory with vid card so 192 MB)


but when i install my corsair module (also 256 MB) it boots up into the "irq not equal" blue screen, and when i replace the original notebook's ram with the corsair, it still does that...


the specs on both modules are the same (it was picked out by a Frys rep):

mem: 256 MB


mem speed: 266


my notebook boots and functions normally with its original ram (without the corsair), what can i do? i was out of town and my 15day return policy at the Frys ended... and i'd really like this ram to work, it would help my laptop's performance immensely just having over 256 ram. And im considering adding in a 512 MB module instead, but i dun want the 256 corsair to go to waste...


help is appreciated

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only thing i see on the label is...


the corsair symbol/name

the words valueselect



LOT# 0436100-1


yes i have tried the corsair module alone, and it restarts during the windows xp loading screen, also tried safemode and still restarted


after some investigating (ie taking a closer look at the original ram's label)


it says DDR-333MHz-CL2.5



which leads me to believe it's actually not 266MHz and PC2100 that i found out from the company notebook specs site, and different memspeed from the corsair, thus incompatible and the irq not equal is reasonable..


however, the corsair still doesnt work by itself, so im not sure what the problem is... and the reasons for crashing with different configurations are different:

notebook ram + corsair = irq not equal blue screen

corsair = auto restart upon arriving at xp loading screen (regardless of safemode or not)

notebook ram = no problems, works normal


any suggestions?

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memory configurator does not have anything for my notebook...

the corsair i bought was the suggested type recommended by manufacturer


and the corsair didnt work by itself... so its no longer a problem of mixing the two

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