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Total war warhammer 2 crashing on launch


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Game keep crashing before even starting.
Only shows the total war warhammer 2 logo and then it abruptly exit the game. No error is shown. 
Meanwhile on my old laptop, it works like a charm.

this  is the computer I have bought for playing such games, less than a week ago:


I have been looking online and here are all the things that I have done(based on their info) without any result:
1-downgrade my driver
2-disabled my computer protection
3-made sure firewall won’t block it
4-removed the entire creative assembly folder 
5-installed vcredist 
6-used older directX
7-factory reset my pc

Things is, I didn’t do any of these on my old laptop and it works without any issue. I read a lot of people had issues with it crashing during the game too, but the laptop, so far, never had any crashes.

this means that whatever the issue is, it relates to the computer I have just bought and not fault of the game.

anyone know what this issue might be?

thank you

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