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512 MB SD Multi Media Card won't xfer files


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I actually wrote about this 05-04-2005, and the card sat on a shelf for some time. I can't find my original post, so it may have become outdated and been removed.


Last time, I asked if you could extract files and send them to us, but now that I've had a chance to test it I don't think there are any files to extract.


To recap, my boss gave me this card (SD512A0452H3S3TWN) because it was not functioning properly in his digital camera. It showed no pictures to download, but it also would not allow additional shots to be taken because the card was "full".


Now that I have a PDA with an SD slot, I accessed the card through this, and I've found a bazillion little folders with nothing in them. Still, there's no way to delete the files and free the memory, and no way to access any of the information. Also, my computer (A Dell P4 2.8 mhz w/ 512m running Windows XP Pro) runs VERY slow and buggily while the SD card is attached.


Please either let me know of any suggestions, or allow me to submit an RMA request to have this part replaced. Note that both the purchase date and location are unknown. Thank you.

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