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Question - looking to add more corsair Ram


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Question for you. I currently have 1 Gig of Corsair XMS ram in 2 512MB modules, but I only have one slot remaining in my NF7 Nvidia Nforce2 motherboard. The board says it can handle up to 3 gig's of Ram so expaning should't be a problem.


My problem is I'm not sure which exact corair ram module to purchase. Because I have two matching pairs currently am I able to add a single stick of 1 Gig and have my system work?


From my current ram, here's what I have now. I've listed everything off the ram module to be sure I didn't miss anything.


- Twinx 2x 512MB (1 gig total)

- Part number CMX - 3200LLPT

- XMS3200

- 400 MHZ 2226 - t1

- XMS3205 v1.1

- 0316081


I have an Amd 2500 barton core CPU slightly overlocked at 1.9Ghz.


So what 1 gig ram module do I need to purchase to bring my system to 2 gig's total and yet have it compatible with my current ram settings? I'd love to get the exact part number today so I can order it from NewEgg ASAP. Would be cool to have it before the weekend so I can play Battlefield 2. (that's what's driving this upgrade BTW)


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Here's the module I'm thinking of purchasing: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820145560

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If you want to go to 2.0 Gig of memory you would be best to find another use for the modules you have now and just get a Twinx2048-3200C2 set of modules for best performance. You should not mix memory as it may make the system unstable.
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You dont need 3gigs. ;)


Anyway, my mobo only has 3 slots and I was in a similar situation. I had 2x512mb modules in and wanted to upgrade to 2gigs.


RAM GUY helped me out and I swapped out my current RAM for Twinx2048-3200c2pt. My other two modules are just spares now.


The NEWEGG link you provided is the same RAM I purchased only two times that. (Mine is TwinX2048-3200c2pt)

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OK, lol I need your advice / help again. My memory arrived today. With my computer powered off and unplugged, I pulled out my old memory and replaced both modules with the new matching pair. I went to boot up and nothing the computer didn't even post. Thinking they weren't seated right I removed them and re-sat them exactly how my old memory was set up. Still nothing.


I then put back my old memory in, exactly how it was before and now it won't POST either.


So I completely unplugged my computer, checked all connections, even removed the CMOS battery for 5 minutes to clear everything and then put the old memory back in, and it still won't post.


So my computer is now DOA.


What could have caused this? It was working fine last night. I guess it could have just crashed, my hardrives are a few years old now.


The only think I can think of is I had my computer slightly overclocked, just 100MHZ for the CPU and I had my old memory set at 'Optimal' for timings. Nothing radical, all done through the Abit's memory management program available at boot up in the CMOS.


Could I have possibly fired my computer by putting in the new memory which has slight different timings, while the CMOS still had the old memory timings with the slight OC on them? I would think RAM, especially when it's a complete replace would notify the computer upon boot up of it's new timings and capacity.


When it first began booting with the new ram, I smelled smoke as well, but I thought that was just the smell of the new ram getting power to it. (It wasn't smoking, but rather I just smelled a tiny bit of a burning smell.)


What did I do wrong here you think?


I'm taking it to the computer shop tomorrow morning and they'll charge me $75 probablly just to look at it.


Well serves me right I guess for frying my computer (worth around $1,000 now) when all I wanted to do was upgrade the friggin ram. :(


EDIT: Could it be the voltage on the ram? I noticed the markings on my new memory list it as v1.2, where my old memory is v1.1. However via the Ram compatibility guide it says my mobo Abit Nf7 should work regardless.



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v1.1 and v1.2 aren't voltages, they're version #s.


Memory timings / speed wouldn't cause SMOKE. Sounds like static electricity shorted something out.


Taking the CMOS battery out for 5 min probably didn't reset anything. Use the jumper on the motherboard to reset the BIOS. (check the manual)

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When I was installing the RAM I was very careful to keep myself groundedd, but I guess this could of happend. If so resetting the bios via the jumper on the mobo will do nothing however. If the board is fried, it's fried.


I guess I should have never messed with the RAM and upgraded it.

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