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RGB Virtuoso Sound Keeps Cutting Out

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Hey All,

Having an issue where my RGB Virtuoso headset sound cuts out while gaming. It happens with multiple games usually for about 1 second every 30 seconds or so. All sound cuts out for the entire system including gaming sound, discord, and any other things like music or video sound. 

So far I've attempted to: 

1. Reset the virtuosos by unplugging the wireless dongle, plugging the headset in via cable, and then leaving the headset plugged in to make sure it has charge.

2. Verified the USB selective suspend setting is set to Disabled.

3. Uninstalling and reinstalling the headset in the Icue app and verified both the dongle and headset had the latest updates. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed the headset the first few months when it worked fine and I'd like to keep using it.  

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