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corsair vengeance pro sl lightening problem when logging out

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im using a Asus rog strix B550-a Gaming Mainboard with 2x corsair vengeance pro sl 32gb. Im using Amory Crate to sync and add lightening effects to my pc and my other components. (I have the Asus-Plug-In installed). If my user is logged in, the RAM and the other components are shining in the colour i want, the problem with the RAM lightening is, when im logging out with my current user, then my RAM is back to the standard rgb colours, but the other components that are directly linked to my amoury crate still shine in the colour i want (mostly completely dark). Is there any way to let my RAM be dark when logged out? 

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When AC is not running, it releases control and the module are defaulting back to their saved hardware effect.  You will need to use CUE to set the "Hardware Lighting" effect to static black (0/0/0).  That is saved to the RAM modules individually as soon as you select it.  You then can quit CUE and it will remain saved to the sticks.  

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