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Voyager 1600a Integrated Slipstream Not Recognized

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All of a sudden my mouse (connected through slipstream) disconnected and I just got this message:



Inside Device Manager I see this:



When I open ICUE, I noticed the SlipStream module does not show up as a connected device. When I try to pair my mouse again using ICUE, I get prompted to connect a Sliptream dongle (should not have to do that since the laptop comes with integrated slipstream already).

Not sure why is stopped working all of a sudden. I tried rebooting my laptop, disable/enable the device through Device Manager, update drivers, reinstall ICUE, and Window Update . Please help. One of the big reasons I got this laptop was because of the integrated SlipStream and having more available usb ports.


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Ok just did the following to get it working again:

  1. Unplug power (battery is above 50%)
  2. In Device Manager, disable the Unknown USB Device
  3. In Device Manager, enable the Unknown USB Device and quickly plug power back in
  4. After some time, it will recognize the integrated SlipStream module again (shows up in ICUE and mouse is paired!).

Not sure what the root cause is.

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