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How much power do I need?


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I bought a new H100i radiator kit that came with 2 fans and the new LINK box connecter alongside some extra fans with the intent of replacing my old Corsair radiator and fans. I had no power problems with the old equipment, but when I went to turn my PC on after everything was installed, I plugged my PSU in, flicked the switch to turn it on, and heard a pop. My the lights on my RAM turn on but pressing the power button does nothing, so I figured my 750w PSU was too weak to support the new fans and ordered an 850w PSU.

The swap was easy, and the first time I turned on my computer, it started up. Unfortunately for me, I misplaced my tach cable that I would plug into my motherboard so my computer refused to boot. When I rebooted my PC to see if I could disable that check since several other forum posts, old and recent, said it wasn’t necessary.

After changing the setting and rebooting again, a pop, RAM lights, and nothing. Now, my PC will begin to power on, but as soon as the lights in my fans turn on, pop goes the PSU and everything shuts off. I’ve looked at several websites including Corsairs own PC builder just to see what is recommended and every single one says a 650w PSU should have enough overhead to build an exact copy of my PC. Corsair even suggested the very same PSU I bought to replace my 750w supply.

I am a hairs width away from reinstalling my old stuff and sending everything new back to Corsair since I don’t have the time or money to continue to buy and install  things until it magically works. 

My PC specs are as follows:

GPU: MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio

CPU: Intel i7-11700k

MB: Aorus Z590 Elite AX 

PSU: Corsair RM850 gold

Radiator: iCue LINK H100i 240mm

# of Fans: 5 x 120mm

RAM: 4 x 8 Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB

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I don’t know exactly what’s happening, but it’s not total power. That CUE Link hub uses a 6 pin pci-e cable with a definite 12v power limit that is just a fraction of a 750W PSU. This seems more like a short. 

Ideally you would disconnect the Link Hub from power and boot up. If you have a 24 pin jumper from the PSU kit this will take the motherboard and GPU out of the equation.  You could then try it with hub connected and see if it triggers the shutdown again. 

Anything unusual with the 6 pin pci-e connector?  Sharing with something else?  

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