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So I've been bouncing back and forth with corsair's agents and so far I've gotten nothing but delayed responses and "Turn it off and on". I have this issue where I get red blinking lights on my QX120s and 140s. I understand that there's been a firmware update however whenever I try to install it tends to make the hub and fans go away until I close out ICUE and start it back up. I was wondering if anyone by chance has an older version of ICUE 5 so I can further troubleshoot myself.

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No useful way to do this since the versions are server side based and you can get into trouble using older CUE version with newer firmware.  You do need the newer firmware to resolve the flashing red issue.  Can't really say why the FW update won't load.  Obvious suggestions you've likely already tried include moving the USB 2 connection to another port (temporarily) and disabling any aggressive anti-virus software.  You also can get into trouble on Win 11 if the Windows Update Program is working on something in the background.  

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