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overclocking help

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i have a amd 939 veince core with a thermaltake a1839 fan using artic 5 along with a msi neo platium 2 board with 1024twinxlpro ram and need help in what settings i need to change..i changed the ht from 5x to 4x

the multiplyer to 11x ,fsb to 250 and the cpu voltage to 1.50 and when i rebooted the screen was blank..do i need to imput my timings as 2-2-2-5?i heard someone say change my memory divider is that needed?

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Lower HTT to 2x or 3x, drop your FSB to 225, run the VDimm (DDR Voltage) at 2.8, and set your timings as 2.5-3-3-7!


If that works, SLOWLY increase the FSB to see how high you can go.






i tried that and still nothing..what is 1t and 2t..i have it set on 2t..i even tried just using the auto overclocking options and still nothing...

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