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DPi function bound to keyboard arrows, while DPI button on mouse bound with key number 2?


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So, basically, can i bind the dpi button on the mouse to keyboard key number 2, while simultaneously binding dpi function to the arrow keys on the keyboard?

I use the dpi button on the mouse for my melee weapons(knife, handgun) but I want to be able to use dpi for when I'm sniping but i don't want the dpi function on the mouse buttons, is this possible?

Thank you any who can help and answer. Please be aware, I will actively attempting to figure this out while responses my be posted here.

If i figure it out before a response can assist, I will post the instructions on how to perform this task.

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Should not be a problem for either, although some of the lower end KBs and mice have some restrictions.  (Whoops.  I bound the DPI up to "arrow up" instead of "2", but you get the idea).  



Screenshot (320).png

Screenshot (321).png

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