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ICUE H115i Elite CAPELLIX fan and pump not working.

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Thanks in advance for any help:

- built pc last year, no issues, not opened it up since built.

- i switch on pc and notice it is sluggish, then it turns itself off gives me cpu overheating message. I clean my filters. Not fixed.

- notice RGB isn't working on fans, RGB isn't working on pump and radiator fans aren't working. Pump may or may not be working, i doubt it though as there is heat build up in the tubes near the cpu.

- however, non-rgb back and top fans plugged into the commander module are working, so not a power issue to the commander module.

- radiator fans are working when plugged in to motherboard.

- i have never (knowingly) installed any iCUE software or firmware (i didn't know it existed until this morning!).

- N.B. i can still get into windows for a few seconds, sometimes, before the pc shuts down - depending on temps.

- To me, looks like something has gone in the control module.

- opened a ticket - but I have questions.

1a) is there anything I could try that I might have overlooked?

1b) is there any fudge I could use to get my computer working without RGB until I get help from support?

2) how long does support usually take. My computer is very important for me to work on and it is going to be weeks I'll have to find another solution (buy another cooler).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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16 hours ago, Moofasa said:

Pump may or may not be working, i doubt it though as there is heat build up in the tubes near the cpu.

That’s a substantial warning sign. The pump should never shut off and it’s not a user configurable setting. The only thing that can do that is a lack of power. 

Shutdown the PC and flip the PSU off. Disconnect the wide power cable from the Commander Core to pump block. Then reconnect making sure the two white stripes are lined up. Flip the PSU on and try to start up. You can stop in the bios and watch the cpu temp. If it’s skipping toward 90 or already there, nothing has changed. 

Regardless of whether the fault is in the pump unit or the Commander Core, Support is likely to replace both. 

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