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Sf850L -12v voltages and PG time

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Hi everyone, I've got SF850L PSU, tried to test it's voltages with the PSU tester before installing it and I got -13.5V on -12V rail and 120ms power good time, all the other rails look fine. Tried to power it on locking 2 pins on atx connector with a small fan load and got 0v on -12v rail. From my experience that seems to be abnormal but I'm not sure if anything have changed since introduction of ATX 3.0 in terms of tolerances or maybe it has become obsolete. Does anyone have similar experiences or can chime in on this?

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the -12V was mainly used for serial ports i believe, back in the days (you need +12 and -12 for it).

It has been marked as an optional rail for ages in the ATX specs. some PSUs have it, but most just don't.

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