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Corsair QX Fans flashing every second

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Just put in the new Corsair QX fans with the hub and everything was fine for a few days then today all the fans began to flash for no reason.   My corsair keyboard and mouse pad were just fine but in iCUE the fans could not be turned off or change color.   I did a firmware update and that seems to reset them but has anyone else faced this issue before?   Really wierd.


If it matters I have 6 140s and 2 120 QX fans in my system.

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There are some long threads discussing this.  The flashing red was an overly sensitive 12v variance detection protocol in the original firmware.  Typically you need to power cycle the machine to reset it.  The firmware update does the same and you now should be on the revised version that is more tolerant of low/high 12v transitions.  

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